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Wellness Exchange is a resilience-building group curriculum that teaches a series or skills that help indivuduals cope with stress and adversity while promoting positive mental health and well-being.

The goal is to help individuals increase effective coping, communication, self-advocacy, and basic life skills through an action-oriented approach.

Wellness Exchange is modeled on the core pricinciples of Skills for Psychological Recover (SPR), developed by the National Centre for PTSD based in the United States.

Wellness Exchange was adapted for non-disaster use by AHS Addiction & Mental Health professionals in the Calgary Zone, in conjunction with community partners, while maintaining the core principles of SPR.

Wellness Exchange is offered through five, one hour, group-based sessions where participants join together to explore these skill building areas.

The objectives of Wellness Exchange are:

What Modules Does Wellness Exchange Cover And Why Are They Important?

Positive Activities
Managing Reactions
Helpful Thinking
Healthy Connections