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The best tools to address depression and anxiety are knowledge and understanding. These pages are designed to shine a light on depression and suicide. We provide you with resources to understand mental health issues, so that you can support yourself or a loved one through periods of crisis, and in treatment. Is someone In CRISIS NOW? If you are feeling very depressed or having strong thoughts of suicide, please call 911 or go to emergency now.

If you are worried that someone you care for might be suicidal, please take them to emergency now and stay with them. The intake process can be long, and your friend or loved one should not be alone at this time.

More information on what to expect at Emergency or after you access Alberta Health Services is included below.
What’s Available?

The Grande Prairie area has many resources to help you.

How to Help a friend or loved one

Helping a friend or loved one when they are struggling is often one of the most difficult things you can do.