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What Help is Available in Grande Prairie and Region?

For People At Immediate Risk

Knowing what to expect when you need to access medical services can make the experience less stressful. These are the people available to help you in our immediate region, with some information about what you can expect with each service. If you are outside the Grande Prairie Region, please contact your local Addictions and Mental Health organization or local Emergency services.

911 and Emergency Services:. If you or the person you are helping are at immediate risk of suicide, call 911 or go to Emergency.

Wait times at Emergency are often long, and it is very stressful for someone at risk to be alone at this time. If at all possible, please stay with the person in crisis. Be prepared to discuss previous diagnosis and if anything has been taken, including alcohol, and prescription or non-prescription drugs. If you can do so safely, please secure lethal weapons. Firearms should be removed from the home, or secured with trigger locks and stored in a gun safe.

The PACT Team

The PACT Team is a mobile crisis response team that includes an RCMP member and a social worker or psychiatric nurse. They assess & stabilize mental health crises. The PACT Team will come to meet someone in a residence or public place and will escort to hospital for further treatment. Grande Prairie has only two PACT Teams, which means they are not always available. To access the PACT Team, call 911, and request the PACT Team.

For People Who Are Not At Immediate Risk

Alberta Addictions And Mental Health Team: Aberdeen Centre, 9728 – 101 Avenue Grande Prairie
(ICAT = Integrated Crisis Access Team)

If your situation is not one of immediate crisis, and you can wait for services for up to 48 hours, this is your best point of contact.

Visiting ICAT in person is recommended, and having a friend or relative go with you to act as your advocate can be helpful. An ICAT Team member will conduct an assessment to determine the services most suited to you at the time. The team member can refer to several types of programs and is equipped to find good solutions for your situation. This may include a referral to one-time counselling, similar to the old once-weekly walk-in clinic.


Aberdeen Centre, 3rd Floor, 9728 – 101 Ave, Grande Prairie – from 9 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday. 


(587) 259-5513 – 7 days a week – 9am to 4:00pm.

If you live outside Grande Prairie, call your nearest AHS Addiction and Mental Health office.

Alberta Health Services ACCESS Team

QE II Hospital, Grande Prairie

The ACCESS Team will meet with an adult or youth at the Emergency Department. They are the first point of access to psychiatric services at QEII Hospital. They will assess the situation, provide information and if necessary, refer to an on-call psychiatrist.

Daytime hours 8:00 6:00 pm., 7 days a week. Note that although this team tries to provide support for full 10 hour shifts, they are often restricted by available staffing and on those occasions may close at 4:00 pm.