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Resource Centre for Suicide Prevention offers a number of workshops to support community members who are “out in the field” in schools, public health, outreach, etc. These workshops range from a varitety of topics including suicide intervention skills training, mental health first aid training, psychological first aid in a pandemic, healthy coping skills, and mental health awareness. Most workshops are available to be delivered virtually, however, ASIST is only available for in person delivery.

Workshops can also be delivered at your workplace, or adapted to suit groups with particular needs. Please contact our office for any requests of this nature.

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) is a two-day accredited workshop designed to increase risk recognition and intervention skill levels of teachers, outreach workers, health workers, social workers, human resources personnel, etc.

Psychological First Aid (PFA)

Psychological First Aid (PFA) is a virtual 2-hour workshop that is internationally recognized method of support intended to help people immediately after a disaster or emergency such as COVID-19.

Mental Health First Aid

If you have taken a physical first aid course, you will have learned how to help someone who is ill or injured. People can also have mental health crisis, and it is important that more Canadians know how to provide help in these circumstances, too.

Mental Health 101

Mental Health 101 is a presentation created in response to a need for increased awareness and education around mental health and suicide prevention in the community.

Wellness Exchange

Wellness Exchange is a resilience-building group curriculum that teaches a series or skills that help indivuduals cope with stress and adversity while promoting positive mental health and well-being.

Sciences of Hope

These workshops build off each other and are intended to be taken as a series. Each workshop runs for three hours or can be scheduled together as a full day workshop.

Trauma-Informed Care

This workshop explores the role that traumatic experiences can have in people’s everyday life.

Meeting Space Rentals

We also have workshop and meeting space available to rent which are equipped with digital projection and video conferencing with “Go to Meeting.” Please call about reduced rates for nonprofits.

Workshop Meeting Space Rates

Training Room
  • Seats 30
  • $100/Half Day
  • $180/Day
Board Room
  • Seats 16
  • $80/Half Day
  • $150/Day

Coffee & water included. Other charges may apply.