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Mental Health 101 is a presentation created in response to a need for increased awareness and education around mental health and suicide prevention in the community.

This presentation is designed to increase your understanding of mental health and how it relates to you, as well as how to provide support to others, it is not intended to make you a professional in understanding and identifying mental health problems or illnesses.

Think of it like a first aid course. You leave that course with tools to provide immediate support and get help but You won’t walk away with the ability to diagnose or fix people.

Mental Health 101 can take anywhere from an hour to an hour and two hours depending on the level of engagement and discussions in the group.

The presentation is available in both virtual and in person formats to suit the needs of the attendees.

Upcoming Dates:

Available by request

If your organization would like to request a presentation on Mental Health, please use the form below to contact the program coordinator.

For more information email or call the office at 780-539-6680