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January 2, 2022 - January 1, 2023
7:00 pm
Every Monday

What is Men’s Talk?

Resource Centre for Suicide Prevention is dedicated to offering mental health support to our community. In order to expand our services and reach new demographics we have chosen to expand our support services. As part of this expansion of service, we will be offering a second support group for men called Men’s Talk.

This group will be in addition to our current Wednesday evening group and will provide more structured support with a therapeutic focus with a registered social worker. This group has a therapy focus so participants will be required to register with the facilitator to attend and complete an intake.

When will this group be offered?

This will be offered on Mondays at 7pm at our office in Nordic Court starting August 3, 2020.

How do I attend?

To attend email Dean or complete the form at

This program is part of the Mental Health Covid19 Response GP Region and is supported by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta.